Website(s) Monthly Update Notice for June 2009

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To make it easier for people to be informed when we have added material to our websites, we provide this notification. Be blessed of the Lord.

Updates to Website: (click on ARISE)

1). Commentary - Book of Romans by TDC (click on Commentaries)
• None for this month

2). Audio Messages (click on Audio Messages )
• None for this month added to the site

3). Commentary - Book of Revelation by J Preston Eby (click on Commentaries)
Revelation Series - From the Candlestick to the Throne
• Parts 88 through 90 - Breaking of the Seals

4). Additional Kingdom Theology (click on Kingdom Theology)
• Additions have been made to this section

5). Additional short studies (click on Short Studies)
• None at this time added to the site

6). Additional link changes (click on Other Sites or Links)
• None added this month

Updates to Website: (click on KingdomNow)

1). No changes