Analogy to Hurricane & Winds of Doctrine (last update to this study was made on 09/07/2004)

We are now just getting thru the hurricane in FL with well over 24 hours of constant winds and rains. The winds have been amazingly strong, band after band. Interesting there are five categories of hurricanes ranging a category 1 (with wind speeds of 74+ MPH) to a category 5 and having wind speeds over 155 mph. It was impressed in my spirit how there so many winds of doctrine, some less critical and damaging while others quite devastating. If it were possible, even the elect would be deceived in this hour of great deception and confusion. Yet, we are all thankful that in the VERY CENTER of all the outer bands of pounding rain and wind is a calm eye, the eye of the Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ.

First, when looking at personal trials and tests for our development. When all else tosses everyone to and fro, he is there in the midst of ours storms as I am sure we have all experienced a hurricane or two in our own lives, perhaps a category 4 or 5? Though we don't rejoice in the severity for the Father knows what we all need for our development. No doubt these mighty fishermen knew the Mediterranean Sea and other nearby seas and their fierce winds and roaring waves. So it would logically follow that the normal rough winds that were common to them for so many years would not have frightened them to the degree that of the winds when Jesus was sleeping in the boat during the storm. They were afraid of being tossed to and fro by the waves. Yet the Son rests in it all and then speaks to the elements and creation responds with complete submission to the voice and command of the Son! And so he speaks to our turbelences!

Secondly, regarding every wind of doctrine. Thinking of the recent hurricane, there is no doubt that many foolish doctrines pre-occupy and even overwhelm many people as they grow faint in their journey. Such doctrines cause many to keep their eyes on the thrashing and resulting damage of the winds of doctrine, not having the wisdom or strength to make it through the storms. Yet there are those centered in it all, in the things of the Lord. These are they who find His peace deep within their spirit to get them through it all!


Tim C
Valrico, FL (East of Tampa)