Saviour of All Men? (last update to this study was made on 05/01/2003; extracts from original article 'God's Love Towards All" found in ARISE Journal - 07/1993)

More and more people are beginning to embrace the good news of God's love towards all mankind. Contrary to popular doctrines, the love of our heavenly Father is far greater than we have ever imagined. Without any doubt, and holy script bears this true, Jesus Christ is the answer for ALL of humanity. As such, we have fixed our hope, we have "locked-in" our sight and expectation on the living God. Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, suggested to us this same thought and continued on with the undisputed statement, "who is the Saviour of all men - especially of those believing. Charge these things, and teach" (I Tim 4:10-11 YLT). And so, we happily command and teach these truths.

Religion has led people into thinking that God will send most of His creation to a place of torment without end. Many reading these lines may still be of that persuasion. Yet I can confidently say that such a hideous doctrine contradicts both the very character of God and the salvation brought to us by Christ. Those who teach the idea of "eternal damnation" differ little from those of old about whom Peter wrote, "the ignorant and unsteady twist to their ruin, as they do the rest of the scriptures" (II Pet 3:16 Williams).

If per chance you are of the "popular opinion" due to tradition and mis-translation of scripture, yet deep within your heart you want to believe that Christ was victorious for all, then rest assure God may have chosen this day to begin the opening of the eyes of your understanding to see His great love towards all of creation. Yea, all of us who have been enlightened to see these glorious truths must now practice and exhibit His love else we are worst than those who still walk in darkness!

Jesus "is the Saviour of all men - especially of those believing". Now, don't you find it somewhat interesting that Paul would add the words "especially of those believing". The word "especially" comes from a greek word, malista, which means - most of all, especially, particularly, in a greater degree or chiefly. Is it so difficult to believe what Paul said? We are to know that for those who believe, the Lord Jesus is most of all or in particular, saviour. And to this we say, amen, for both you and I have been influenced by the Divine Himself, graced or enabled to experience salvation. And so He is chiefly our saviour, because we have received of His saving grace. Now what did the first part of our text say? "who is the saviour of ALL men...". Paul could have stopped there with those words, but he did not and thus continued to let us know that for those believing, Jesus is to a greater degree, saviour. Now from a positional or judicial viewpoint, all have the security that Jesus is their saviour, yet from an experiential standpoint, Jesus is only saviour to those who have been saved. Yet, the wonderful fact remains that He is saviour of ALL, ransom for all, yet in due time, each in his own order. Therefore, ALL must ultimately come to be delivered and set free!!