What Is Kingdom Theology? - (Tape made in December of 2003; transcript posted to site 08/01/2004; see "listen to messages" page for audio)

TRANSCRIPT of tape - Lesson #01 - What Is Kingdom Theology?
Teaching by TDC

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and welcome to Christian Kingdom Now Theology 101. I appreciate the opportunity to come to you by way of audio whether you are listening to my voice through a cassette tape or online via the Internet. For those who don’t know me, my name Tim Carroll or actual the initials TDC stand for Timothy David Carroll.

This tape has a lot of content in it, there are actually two lessons on this tape and there will actually two lessons on all the other tapes that we send out as well. I believe that the first lesson on this tape will probably cover the entire first side and it may very well go briefly onto the second side of the tape. Each lesson is also followed by music provided by a close friend of mine, Romeo Corsini.

Now I taught this message among church down here in the Tampa, FL area. But I wanted to recorded it again in the privacy of my home probably because I thought I could offer a little more clarity on some of the points that I failed to make among the group when I taught it earlier and also of course I can wear my NASCAR hat and put my jeans on and maybe fill a little more comfortable.

Let’s go tight into the teaching.

What Is Kingdom theology? There is a lot of stuff being taught in large Christian circles, both via air waves (whether it is TV or radio) or thru numerous books & tapes, and I know there is some very good foundational information out there. But to be blunt about it, it is not very good teaching for the most part if you really listen to what they are saying. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great speakers out there and they will motivate you and there is a lot of good psychology, but that does nothing for our spiritual well being.

Now in putting together these messages, we have no desire to be followed of men nor are followers to jump on every band wagon of doctrine to be tossed to and fro. But as it is written in the chapter of I believe Rev 14, it says these are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth! And we desire to be found among that company of believers! Whithersoever the Lamb goeth. That is the beat o four heart, to be found and listed among that group that followeth him.

Now putting these messages, we are not trying to organize anything, even kingdom now theology. But we do believe we are to have organized thoughts. We are not trying to “box God in” to a framework, as if that we possible to even limit such an awesome and Almighty God. But what I have found in my near 21 years of being saved is that many people have rejected not necessarily the "true and living God" but rather an image of God. They have rejected and rightly so a distorted image presented much of the church and kingdom theology, I believe, is here to set that record straight. I believe that kingdom now theology is capable of presenting a God that is more in line and more true to his nature and character than any other Christian doctrine can do today.

Now in kingdom theology, we find that Jesus Christ was an outward revelation of the Father. Christ is the actually word of revelation and he came as the express image of the Father and we embrace that we have this very same indwelling Christ in us today (Paul said Christ in you, the hope of Glory), we have experienced this passionate arrival of Christ as the word of God actually into our hearts. We recognize and realize that this new man from heaven is now living in us and there is a transformation that that's taking place within us. We are actually being, we are truly, we are really being transformed. In the book of Romans, I believe it is chp 12:2, it says be ye transformed and that word transformed is metamorphose. There is a metamorphosis just as life is a big cocoon or as a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, we too are being transformed, we are being changed by the renewing of our mind. From glory to glory, from strength to strength, from grace to grace. As a man thinketh in his heart so his He and actually the original word is as a man thinks in his soul or his mind, so is he. And I believe in our walk, in our spiritual journey, that there comes a place and a time that everything around us seems to fail us, it actually comes as a disappointment to us, it no longer gives us the satisfaction we were looking for perhaps, or at least our ultimate satisfactions. I believe this is designed by the Father because this earth has nothing to offer us. Now our pentecostal brethren, they have failed to see this idea because they have set their affections not on above, not on spiritual things but they have rather set their affections on earthly thing, in their carnal, selfish and childish ideas...and the prosperity doctrine is one of the largest culprits of them all.

But in kingdom now theology, for those of us that have received Christ, its a physical act of receiving, I did not say accept the Lord Jesus Christ, but the word says we have received him, and if we have received him, to them gave he POWER to become the sons of God, to them that believe on his name. And this power actually enables us to overcome, and this is something my friends that is so often overlooked, I have failed in my own life to see this often enough, in Christendom it is very seldom taught or understood, and I would have to say in some "kingdom" circles there are men that are teaching who have miserable failed to see that there is a power that enables us to overcome the flesh, to endure tests & trials and temptations.

I don't believe in kingdom now theology you are going to find, or at least those who are more mature, that you are going to find them still in the realm of naming & claiming, you know - of blabbing and grabbing and trying to speak a creative word to get rid of 'every' problem but rather these people will be on their knees and seeking the will of the Father in each and every circumstance and they will learn to rest in the midst of the storm, knowing very well and God is faithful and who will also make a way to escape.

And I believe when we have this mind of Christ operating in us, we begin to live as overcomers. Just like in the book of Revelation, I believe it is chp 14 (note by tdc - actually chp 21) he states he that overcometh shall inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. This a mark of our relationship to our Father, as we are his children, as we are the sons of the living God.

In kingdom theology, we believe that Christianity is based on revealed faith and not speculation and not on philosophy. I believe our reformed brother (which we share many common beliefs though we differ on some major ones I may add), that they also hold to this idea. That Christianity is based on revealed faith. And I would have to say that the truth that we receive, it actually comes from God in the light of divine revelation. Prior to receiving it, it is hidden, it's veiled and it actually requires God to unveil it, to uncover it. And he does this my means of revelation. When I use the word Revelation, I hold that it is making clear what was once hidden, or unfolding what was a mystery to us. All truth depends on divine revelation. As creatures of God, we depend on him to reveal it to us. I cannot reach up and snatch revelation from a higher order or kingdom that is above me. When there is a kingdom above, I need it to quicken me and bring me up to it, or to engulf me and make me part of that.

I think in kingdom theology when Jesus said, that promise that he gave to his all the elect, who are his sheep "The sheep that are my own hear and are listening to my voice, and I know them and they follow me...". These three things are vital and necessary of us to walk in that union and close relationship with our Father -- it is these three -- we hear his voice, we to listen to his voice and we actually follow him. We hear his voice because the God that lives, he now speaks to us by his son.

We hold to the idea that the spiritual mind is based on revelation. There is a spiritual mind that is born of the Spirit. This mind will think, understand and act spiritual. This is not the same as reforming the carnal mind. Many are trying and continue to reform the carnal mind and change their way of thinking or alter/raise their consciousness into a higher dimension. But the scriptures says, who by taking though can add one thought to his cubit or stature. I believe there is a blessed wonderful truth in the words of Jesus to Simon Peter when he said "Blessed art thou Simon Barjona for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my Father which is in heaven." This was revelation from another source if you think about it. It was from another source other than Peter. This was spiritual enlightment, it was unfolding revelation and it was given to Peter by the Father. In kingdom theology we hold to the idea that it is the Father whom imparts revelatory truth and it is this actual truth that transforms us from one glory to another. Praise the Lord.

It says in Psalms "In Thy light we shall see light." and if you think about it, God is light, right? In him is no darkness at all. He is that light which brightens our understanding, and as the Psalmist says "In thy light we shall see light". He supplies the spiritual light, what other light can there be? What other light can be named other than the light of God, "in which one can truly see true light?"

We are people who embrace kingdom theology. Now there are a lot of different versions of kingdom theology, lot of different flavors. And of course everyone does not agree on each and every point. But kingdom theology, if it is christian kingdom theology, it embraces the idea that the kingdom is now and yet it continues to come. It comes into our lives while we are actual men and woman living right here and right now on this earth. It comes and actually unfolds itself more and more while we live on this earth. because t is an ever present kingdom.

Jesus said “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” He said to repent. Repent means to turn away, to go in the opposite direction in which you were previously going in. Not to do a 360 degree turn for that will get you going back in the direction you were previously going, but to do a 180 degree turn, to change your mind and thinking. But it is even more than that! It is to take your whole facility, spirit, soul and body and completely in an opposite direction. Jesus sid to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The Kingdom OF heaven, he did not say kingdom IN heaven. And the Kingdom is a domain, it is a dominion, king - dom. It is a kingdom with a rule and the commands and authority of a king reside in the kingdom. And heaven of course is that realm of spirit in which God resides. “Our Father which art in heaven.” So, the kingdom of God is the RULE or AUTHORITY of God out of the realm of Spirit TO earth, to man, to his church.

Now this kingdom comes in a form of a seed and that seed is the incorruptible Christ. God gives increase to that seed and that seed begins to take root and begins to grow, and it begins to unfold and it begins to develop. The inner man is renewed day by day.

We may not always see that growth, that don't always see that outward manifestation as we would like to see it, but it is important for you and I to know that it is still taking place. It reminds me of an article I read in Nat’l Geo some 6 to 7 yrs ago. Brother Dane Tabor had commented that he liked it so I will share it here because I feel it fits nicely.

The article said when you look at the Arctic, as far as the eye can see, you see nothing but vast whiteness. Everything appears to be dormant, no activity, no life, other than maybe occasional Polar Bear or two. But the author of the article said, when you look underneath that ice, whether it is 12 inches, 24 or 36, there is such vitality, there is such a proliferation of life taking place underneath the ice,,,, more activity than all other Oceans put together, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and so forth. It dawned on me that is the way it is in the Spirit, our inner man renewed day by day, your inner man, we may not always observe with our senses (sight, hear, smell, taste or feel), …. But is nonetheless true, that incorruptible Christ-- Christ in You – that hope of glory. And I think we would do well to remind ourselves of that. That there is that inner life that lives and resides in our hearts.

I think in kingdom theology Ps 91 is a pivotal chapter. It says “I will set you on high because you have known my name". In otherwords, God says I will exalt you because you have known my name. This knowing is one of relationship or intimacy, as Adam knew Eve. We desire to know him, to know his nature & character & ways of God. We are not interested in a distorted image created by religion, created by the church traditions of men. It reminds me of the words of Christ when they said to him, Lord Lord, haven’t we prophesied and cast out devils in your name. He will say, you workers of iniquity, depart from me for I never knew you. That word iniquity means rebellion or own will. You know, you have dome your own thing in the name of the Lord and all of your prophesying and casting out and building large programs and ministries and so forth and so on. But when it comes down to knowing me, I never knew you, I never came into that intimate union with you because you weren't about your Father’s business.

Now I think that kingdom now theology holds to a very personal relationship with Christ. One that I am only now beginning to become more appreciative of. And it is one person at a time. It is not the group you are associated with. It is not perhaps some of the ministers to sit under and learn from. And I am not talking about that overused phrase - when I say personal relationship that it used so often in the church system. They say DO YOU HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP and what they really mean is - do you pray 3 times a day, read your bible in the morning and have a good moral standing with God? But the personal relationship I am talking about is the one that Paul lived – I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God.

This personal relationship in the kingdom is one that is assertive and one that is responsive. It is not aggressive, it is not passive. It is not storming the kingdom in arrogance in the name of Jesus because it is our Father's good will (pleasure) to give you the kingdom.

It is a place of freedom and liberty in the Spirit for he that rules his own spirit is greater than he that taketh a city. You know, everyone talks about taking this city of so and so for the name of Jesus, but I would say, how about learning to rule your own spirit because that person is greater than he that taketh a city. But in this liberty of Christ, we learn to understand this make-up, this facility, for we are spirit, soul and body. In events and circumstances, we learn to make the right choices rather than being led your emotions and other people. We learn to not point the finger and be blamers and not responsible. You know as Eve blamed the serpent and Adam blamed Eve, and having that victim mentality. Instead in the liberty of the Spirit we begin to take ownership and responsibility. You know that nobody can make you think, talk or act, you are responsible for that. You sow to the flesh, you reap corruption, you sow to the spirit, you reap age-abiding life.

In kingdom theology, we need to see ourselves on a spiritual journey and that instead of being goal oriented (like the business world) that it needs to be more process oriented. What I mean by that is we see ourselves processed by the Lord and it becomes more relational and if it becomes more relational, I think it actually becomes less intense because when goals are not obtained, there are disappointments. You might say, I thought without a vision a people perish? If you look up the original words, it is actual without a covering, a people are naked. And the covering I am talking about is the covering that the scriptures talk about and it is the covering of the Spirit of the Lord in that intimate relationship where we are covered and dressed with his garment of righteousness, Praise the Lord.

Now Kingdom theology is also set and rooted in the doctrine of the prophets, apostles and Jesus Christ, being the chief cornerstone. And I need to walk to softly in what I am about to say and I pray I am not misunderstood. Let me say this first. We all know what foundations are. When I was in my late teens and early twenties and worked for my father in North Eastern PA, we built homes and garages and remodeled homes and things like that. All the material that goes into the house is measured and counting on the foundation to be right, not to mention solid to bear the structure.

It is like that today, we need to be built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone. Now what I would like to say is this. This verse is not talking about prophets and apostles today. Now I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And I hold to the idea that there are those that are acting and functioning in the office and capacity of apostles and prophets today. But we need to hold to the hold to the words of the original apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. If we find there is any contradiction by any church, or any people that we are being taught by, that if they contradict the words that we find in holy script, then scripture has the final authority.

I have to say this, it saddens my heart, I have no problem, I do know some people that carry the title of apostle or prophet, and there are some that hold that title and hold it in a right manner, and there are some that have abused it, but the burden has been placed on people from this so-called five fold ministry. You know, because of Eph 4 where it says he gave some apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers. My comment I am going to make is based on my understanding of the office and the capacity of an apostle. You know, I have ordained and recognized by a church some 15 years ago in Chicago, but I think what bothers me and concerns me the most is when you read chp 4, it says he gave this ministry for the perfecting of the saints and then it has a comma. And that comma has led many people to believe that the rest of the verse and the following verse is still under the structure and under the rule and authority of a so-called five fold ministry. When really, the comma is not there in the original and what that means is that these are gift ministries. These are blessings from God to his body to help perfect and mature the saints. And it is the body of the saints that is for the work of the ministry, it is the body itself is for edifying to the rest of the body of Christ, until we ALL come into the unity of the faith, unto a perfect man and the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. And I dare to say that much that we see in the five fold ministry today is going to come down like a house of cards. Praise God. And it is sad there is such a heavy weight and burden that doesn't have to be there for people, even for themselves because of misunderstanding.

Let's go on a little bit.

I was thinking about the apostles and what it says in Revelation 21 in that great city, holy Jerusalem descending down from heaven (out realm of spirit) from God. “And the wall of the city had twelve (divine order) foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb”

I like that, because it goes right back to the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone.

And whether someone is walking and have served in that capacity 2,000 yrs ago or today, of apostleship or realm of prophecy, I would say that in the kingdom of God, when you are in that Spirit and you stay dedicated to the principle of being in the Spirit, you are going to have others bear witness far more than you can by having a title that you attach to the flesh. Because the scripture says, those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God. And that is the principle that we are dedicated to, it is the principle that we hold to and try to maintain our focus on.

So as we ought to see the foundation, it is basically contained in the whole Book and the words of all in the Bible and we will find that the Bible is in harmony and of equal weight and importance. Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It was not his words but rather those of God. And Jesus, God in the flesh, did not speak of himself nor make himself of reputation but spoke the words of the Father. I think when we pit one verse against another, we are we weighing one over the other, we are weighing God’s words over his own.

I am sure you know that John wrote to the seven churches in book of Revelation and that his words are significant to our understanding as we continue to renew our mind. More so, Paul wrote to seven churches. You study that one out on your own (Bullinger brought this out in his book he wrote in early 1900’s – Church Epistles). But Paul's words are no more (or no less) important than those of John.

Regarding harmony of scripture: {Experience: Internet – responded to a person’s invitation to comment/critique parts of his book. He was heavily into similar thoughts as Christian Mind & Science and that he has never been separated from God as it is all an illusion. I was polite, yet commented that I had different views and felt some of his thoughts were in error.

In particular, I made comment on his thoughts on being born again (already there was born again). I commented on the necessary condition and pointed out his contradiction. Needless to say, he didn't agree nor understand what I was trying to explain to him. In fact, to admit the error would have destroyed his whole doctrine of unity and never a separation.

But I wanted to compare thoughts and sharpen one another but it became obvious to me that he was not open and wanted to “be the teacher” and would dodge my questions by reiterating the same thing over and over. But he basically said the apostle Paul did not grasp the revelation that he had. That he took a few verses and weighed one verse higher than the other and when you do this, it is a good indication that your doctrine is in error. When you have to take one verse and prove your doctrine, it is a strong indication you are not on a solid foundation. In fact, while in a meeting I had the thought that a serpent was trying to enter my garden. Now I read an article by Bob Torango and probably got that idea earlier but nonetheless it was very true of my situation and the Lord was showing me a serpent was trying to enter my garden and I was to shut down our conversation with this person. Praise the Lord.

Regarding the word, theology. I have found that many people do not like that word at all. It may be one of many reasons, ranging from a bad experience or exposure to poor theology to perhaps not understanding the word theology at all. I believe it is our Christian duty and privilege to learn theology. As believers, we are to study to shew ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

We are to study to be quiet. Study others, study ourselves (examine your self to see if you are of the faith). Most of all - we study of God.

What is theology? The study or science of God is a basic definition of theology.

Breaking the word "theology" down sheds some simple light on the subject. The suffix of "ology" comes from the greek meaning logos. In fact, John stated that the word, idea or logos was God. The science of anthropology is the idea, logic or study of man; while biology is the logic of life, etc. Chrsitology is study of Christ, etc. The prefix - Theo (the-os) means God. The study of theology is the study of the word, idea, concept or logic of God himself. English word logic from logos. So theology is a very good thing in its right understanding. When we are being taught by the Spirit to study God.

Now the God of Christianity (and I Christianity because God is a God of Christianity. Some have said he is not but you know, it was God in Christ reconciling the world and God's redemptive work in relation to his creation as a result of his work of Christ on the cross.) So he is the God of Christianity. Some say that God is not going to do anything, he has already done all that he is going to do. But I would say he is a very active God today. Now positional theology is very important. You know, positional theology is basically what is your position in Christ and that we are seated with Christ in heavenlies and blessed with him with all spiritual blessings. In fact, the book of Ephesians is loaded with positional theology. But we also need to balance that with Experiential theology. That Christ is walking in us today God is doing in us today for today is the day of salvation. God who works in you both to will and do of his good pleasure.

Now theology should not be confused with religion for they are not the same. Religion is that science deals with how man behaves and interacts in his culture. How he as it relates to acts of prayer, worship and other spiritual practices. Religion is a human practice and is natural in its orientation.

Theology is supernatural (beyond the natural) and is the study of a greater being. A supreme being, the study of God.

Kingdom theology includes a system of thought that is coherent in manner and orderly in fashion. There is an absolute truth to theology rather than based on relativism (e.g., in simple terms - what is relative to you may not be relative to me and the two will never meet and they are at complete opposites). Now that is not to say there are not things in the scripture that are not relative. There are many things that are relative, they are relative to the times and to the people and to the situation, etc.

A system of thought that is coherent and it requires you to THINK. (It is a cognitive process to think). It is not just based on what you feel. Now there is nothing wrong with feeling. God has given us a heart to feel and to have compassion and to love. But I would have to say that we should not shun the idea of being able to think.

Of course feelings do have there place. I spent $1,600 at year and half ago at marriage retreat last year on interpersonal truisms!!! I remember he asked me a question and asked me what I was feeling. I thought about it and looked at him and gave him my best answer and he said no, what are you feeling? I think I turned three shades of red. I had trouble connecting to that. Woman listening to my voice right now that find that to be odd but we know that men and woman think differently for the most part.

In fact, there has been a study on brain waves– men -- straight thought , woman vs zig zag. Men go right for solution, answer, etc. Solve the problem, absolutes. A woman will feel her environment, examine her feelings in getting to a solution. Men zig when they are suppose to zag!

Theology has great value and benefit to the believer. In fact, any contemplation of God is embarking upon theology or the idea of God. Whether you realize it or not, you are already into theology. So don’t throw out the word or term theology with the bath water. Like the word “tradition”, make your tradition of none effect. But I say, you believe in tradition, you probably celebrate Thanksgiving. We raise and train our children in the things of the Lord, handing down tradition. So we don't do away with tradition. We just got to make sure it is not exalted over life of God.

Last thing I want to say. There are no paradigm shifts in kingdom theology. There is no new theory replacing what the early apostles have laid for us.
We may have eyes to see and ears to hear something new as the Holy Spirit enlightens us and quickens a truth that we have not seen before and in that sense it may be new (e.g., new to us).

We believe in the whole framework of the holy writings and find them to be systematic and coherent. To sum up, we believe it is our honour to search out a matter (Proverbs 25:2) and that my friends is theology!