Other Recommended Sites or Links (last update to this list was made on 12/29/2006)

Listed below are other links (web sites) which offer similar teachings to those found on our site. Some of them are very close friends of ours and are ministering present powerful, foundational truths that inform and instruct believers as to what they should believe. Others are among those who we consider pioneers in the kingdom message for our generation. We may not agree with each and every point found in the material from all of these sources, yet they contain much that may be worth your time. We also must mention that some of these sites may be featured on larger sites which include links to other ministry which are not necessarily in accordance with sound doctrine.

We have also listed some authors of books that have highly blessed us and come with our recommendation.

L I N K S:
(Note: The mentioned web sites are not intended to be an exhaustive list as there are many fine sites. We are listing a select few for your consideration).

Early Church Fathers Writings of theologians, including: Tertullian, Origen, St Gregory of Nazianzus, St Jerome, St Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, St John Damascene, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Friedrich Schleiermacher, John Henry Newman, Martin Buber, Karl Barth, C.S. Lewis, Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar

Online Manuscripts Writings of great spiritual insight including Fenelon, Madame Guyon, Jacob Boehme, Jane Lead, William Law and others

Sacred Texts Click on Christianity upon entering this site and find various Scriptures (HyperText Bible Index, King James Bible, The Vulgate or Latin Bible, The Apocrypha including the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher); Early Christian material (e.g., The Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, etc.); Renaissance & Reformation information (e.g., Foxe's Book of Martyrs, Pilgrim's Progress, etc.); and much more.

Greek Old & New Testaments The apostolic bible is a trilinear translation containing the entire Greek Old and New Testaments

Other sites or writings list: (person's name in alphabetical order) --- Brandon, Valrico & Plant City are all near Tampa, FL

Adams, A.P - late 1800's Houllis, Mary Lou - Holiday, FL Sparks, T. Austin - London, UK (1888 - 1971)
Amirault, Gary- Hermann, MO Jacobsen, Jack -Plymouth, MN   Tabone, John - West Pittston, PA
Beecham, Robert - London, U.K Jukes, Andrew - Cambridge, UK (1815 - 1901) Torango, Bob & Charlotte - Dickson, TN
Britton, Bill - Springfield, MO (1918 - 1985) Lewis, Craig - Phoenix, AZ Visscher, Ken - British Columbia, Canada
Carroll, Tim - Valrico, FL (LIST OF WRITINGS) Mitchell, Jonathan - Flagstaff, AZ Torango, Bob & Charlotte - Dickson, TN
Corsini, Romeo - Brandon, FL  (1951 - 2005) Mueller, Paul - Portland, OR Wood, Stacy - Alhambra, CA & Blue Ridge, GA
Crisp, Terry - Dawson, GA Nee, Watchman - China (1903 - 1972)  
Drummonds, Audrey - Valrico, FL Newberry, Randy - Lakeland, FL  
Eby, J Preston - El Paso, TX Nicholson, Tom - Mt. Pleasant, SC  
Francois Fenelon - (1651 - 1715)  Ogletree, Travis - Madison, AL  
Gavazzoni, John - Thousand Oaks, CA Origen - of Alexandria (185 - 254 AD)   
Gibson, John - Bowling Green, SC Paris, Scott - Stockton, CA  
Greatorex, Kenneth - Ontario, CN Prinzing, Ray - Boise, ID (1927 - 2005)  
Groesbeck, Art - Syracuse, NY Roach, Elwin - Alamogordo, NM  
Hawtin, George -Saskatchewan, CAN (1910-1994) Sextro, Frank - Brandon, FL  Other Sites:
Hiles, Lynn - Berkley Springs, WV Skinner, David   - West Palm Beach, FL Kingdom Resource Directory - Valrico, FL
Hinn, Willie - Tustin, CA Strauser, Barbara - Sullivan, MO Sunshine Cathedral - Plant City, FL

A few authors of books that are worth looking into include:
(order is random)

  1. Andrew Jukes
  2. Han von Balthasar
  3. Watchman Nee
  4. George MacDonald
  5. R.C. Sproul
  6. E.W Bullinger
  7. Giuseppe Petrelli
  8. Jeanne Guyon
  9. A.P. Adams
  10. Samuel Cox
  11. Writngs of St. Augustine
  12. Writngs of Origen
  13. George Hawtin
  14. Bill Britton
  15. Ray Prinzing
  16. J Preston Eby
  17. Paul Mueller

(Note: There are of course many other good authors of books that we have either not read or failed to mention. We do not list authors that have been read and are not recommended).