About ARISE Ministry
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This ministry is dedicated in providing present truth for those seeking God in a more realistic and closer way. The primary emphasis is to lay out sound Christian doctrine, as taught by the prophets and apostles, in a manner that is easy to understand while encouraging believers to grow in their relationship and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father.

Our desire is to inform and instruct fellow Christians as to what they should believe which can be used to enhance their relationship with the Lord. We believe that true Christianity is not simply a collection of doctrine or a way of living, but is a response to a spiritual unfolding and true vision that both inspires and can deeply influence a person's character and destiny.

We believe that a new day is upon us. We embrace a "kingdom now" teaching while adhering to a solid framework in reformed theology. We highly regard many (not all) of the essential truths of the reformation while maintaining an emphasis on the precious truth of the doctrine of sonship and reconciliation.

The message of the kingdom is one of God's love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, pardon and reconciliation. It is a message that can change a person as "the kingdom of God is come unto you". It is a kingdom that comes by His transforming power. It is a message of hope and restoration as our Father has placed us all in personal situations and circumstances which are opportunities to make us overcomers in the kingdom of God as it continues to come to earth. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to pray, ".... thy kingdom come!" Indeed, we believe that the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead can quicken our mortal bodies and provide the means to live in victory and not defeat.

We trust you will be blessed by what you find in our teaching. As stated by another "we pray if there be any thoughts expressed that seem to be the result of our own natural thinking, we trust that a little breath of kindness shall blow the chaff away, that the kernel of truth might remain to bless".

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In Our Father's Service and Love,